On to the PSP! Now unplug your psp and shut it off completely by holding the power button up 3 seconds until screen goes black, not sleep mode! Then hold down the R-trigger while turning it on, you should see the Recovery menu. Navigate down with D-pad to PLUGINS> and press X. Enable all of them by scrolling down and press X on every item.. I have a problem with my psp and harry potter and the goblet of fire game and my memory stick. i have a sony 4gb memory but the game wont play with the card in it. it plays ok without the card in. the psp just stops working until i press the home button.. Σκηνές - φρίκη από το Γουδή. Κάμερα κατέγραψε την μητροκτόνο. Η στιγμή που έσερνε το πτώμα της της μητέρας της. Πως αντέδρασαν οι κάτοικοι που είδαν το μακάβριο θέαμα. Σοκ και μόνο σοκ προκαλούν οι σκηνές που. "/>Psp 3000 x button not working